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Our Story

Led by a group of agency and industry professionals, Stagwell is working to build an investment portfolio of marketing services companies. We are putting digital first in all investments without being weighed down by legacy assets. Our portfolio will only have one or two of each kind of agency from: digital media buying to market research to public relations and beyond to allow for true cooperation. Most importantly, we know great talent needs to be valued and nurtured to achieve best in class growth that will allow for generous incentives and financial rewards. To facilitate that growth, we will act as value added investors, not simply managers, through new business development, strategic counsel and add-on acquisitions that keep agencies on the cutting edge of marketing innovation … MORE

Our Story


Our team is a combination of agency leaders who have started their own firms, worked inside major public holding companies, managed multibillion client side marketing budgets and have completed mergers and acquisitions at high profile Wall Street and private equity firms.

Most importantly, our fund is not run by accountants but rather people with decades of experience running agencies in highly competitive verticals of the marketing services space. We know what it takes to pitch new business, run a P&L, work for the C-Suite of Fortune 100 companies and grow an agency from a mom and pop to a global brand with offices on nearly every continent…. MORE



The Stagwell Group Acquires ReputationDefender Business Unit from WASHINGTON, D.C.: April 5, 2018 The Stagwell Group, which invests in… MORE

December 11, 2017
Stagwell Group Buys Forward3D December 11, 2017 US – Investment advisory company Stagwell Group has acquired global performance marketing agency, Forward3D… MORE

Portfolio Companies

We believe the market place demands new kinds of marketing companies that are built upon strong creativity, great analytics and a complete understanding of the digital world. The Stagwell Group is assembling a great group of companies to fulfill that need. These firms are leaders in their fields, founded by superior talent, built on teamwork and growing strongly.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 marketer looking to solve your biggest competitive challenge or an independent agency looking to write the next chapter of growth in your firm’s history, have a look at who is part of Stagwell today… MORE